“Our goal is to provide an environment where student-athletes can participate in Name, Image, and Likeness by engaging with fans while building long-lasting partnerships with local communities. The Wildcats Den’ brings together like-minded student-athletes that share a common goal of providing excellent customer service within the local community. The ability to build transferrable skills from athletics to life will continue to be one of the main drivers towards identifying long-term success.”

What we do

Lifting the student-athlete experience one investment at a time


The Wildcats’ Den is a one-stop name, image and likeness shop that specializes in connecting businesses and the community with student-athletes
that have interest in growing
their brand.


As athletes participate in various events that engage with fans it bridges the gap between student-athletes and their supporters. The ability to connect
directly with fans creates a once
in a lifetime experience
for many.


Student-athletes have an existing platform and partnerships with companies can bring more exposure. Finding the right fit is key in developing a personal brand that represents
each student-athlete.


“With so many fans, colleagues and supporters the opportunities are endless. As student-athletes build relationships with local companies and join community events it is imperative to have a company like The Wildcats' Den in place to help maximize opportunities.”

- Aaron Lockett
  Former K-State Football Player

“The competitive landscape of collegiate athletics is constantly changing and the introduction of Name, Image and Likeness by the NCAA has presented the greatest opportunity to date for individuals d companies to directly support and engage current student-athletes. The Wildcats' Den serves as the vehicle for anyone who wants to make a positive impact on K-State student-athletes through NIL opportunities while also helping ensure competitive excellence for KSU Athletics.”

- Brian Morris
  Kansas State Alumni

"In light of the changes to the NCAA NIL policy, it is vital that Kansas State have an alumni group in place to help K-State student-athletes maximize NIL opportunities, so that K-State is competitive with its Big 12 foes and competition outside of the Big 12. The landscape has changed, and NIL is now as important as facilities. Help us help K-State student-athletes!"

- Curry Sexton
  Former K-State Football Player



  • What is the Wildcats’ Den?

    The Wildcats’ Den is one-stop name, image and likeness (NIL) shop that specializes in connecting businesses with student-athletes that have interest in growing their brand through fan engagement, events, community activities and product promotions. This company will help bridge the gap between student-athletes and their fans, supporters, and local communities.

  • What does “Name, Image, and Likeness or NIL mean?

    Effective July 1, 2021 the NCAA now allows college athletes to receive financial compensation for their name, image and likeness.

  • Is the Wildcats’ Den affiliated with Kansas State University?

    The Wildcats’ Den (TWD) is not affiliated with Kansas State University or the Athletic Department.

  • I’m a corporation and would like to partner with the Wildcats’ Den. Can I do that?

    Yes. Complete the information from the “Invest Now” tab or complete the “Get In Touch” information at the bottom of page.

  • Where does our investment go?

    Investments are identified as allocated or non-allocated funds. Allocated funds are reserved for a specific sport.

    Non-allocated funds can be used for any sport.

  • What sports do the Wildcats’ Den support?

    All Sports

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